So...public health called me yesterday and informed me I am in fact sick. I did, in fact, already know it. What I didn't know was what was making me sick. Cryptosporidium. There's a mouthful. I am slowly improving, but I have been eating bland, easily digestible food for a week and a half and I am getting tired of it! There's only so much white bread, rice, crackers, and jell-o a person can tolerate before they start to go crazy. (I'd have more homemade broth if I had it, but it's a precious commodity around here) To the Multi-Grain Cheerios' credit, they are actually quite enjoyable on their own.

2 Responses to “318: The cry of my Cheerios…and my heart.”

  1. Angie:

    Anything I can do my friend?? Take the kids Monday??

  2. Kim:

    How about we get together Monday? I’m mending, and could use a good visit with you!

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