319: Shine On

Shine on, shine on
And let the others see
You've got your victory


This afternoon featured a spectacle of myself in utter defeat and despair in light of the impossible tasks ahead of me. "How can one person do it all?" I entreated my husband, to which he replied, "You can't."
He's right. When I trust myself to get it all accomplished it's impossible. But there is a light within, where the Holy Spirit resides, and when I look to the finished work of Christ and trust him instead of myself, he will accomplish great things. In him, I've already got my victory.

4 Responses to “319: Shine On”

  1. Jean:

    What are all these things that need getting done? Just curious.
    And what kind of candle set is this? Or are you just capturing the flames as solid?

  2. kim:

    You know, being a wife, mother, feeding all the people in your household, educating children and training them to be functional members of society…..it’s a lot! I feel overwhelmed just by getting nutritionally sound meals in everyone’s mouths, nevermind all the other stuff 🙂
    LED battery operated candles. They are no substitute for beeswax, but they’re certainly more kid friendly.

  3. Jean:

    OH! all THAT stuff :)… yes, there are moments when it hits you full force, but then the times of resting in the good and plenty of God let you live peacefully just one day at a time… which is all we are required to live (though, a plan never hurt anyone!)Remember, love God, love each other. I will pray that you find your rest, a healthy digestive tract, and joy in your now. Love you, Mitch!

  4. Becky Fehr:

    Oh Kim! I have had a week of this feeling… wish I had read your blurb earlier! Appreciate it! I might have had a brain fart cuz how else could I have forgotten that the Spirit totally helps Mama’s with the mama jobz too!

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