I have a headache, and needed a photo fast so I can go soak in the tub for a bit before I crash into bed. Glitter pencils are what you get tonight. Hopefully I start feeling a little more inspired with my photos before this project is done.

7 Responses to “322: I have a headache.”

  1. Angie:

    Did we jinx the headaches today!:( Great visiting with you and hope you got a nap in today – glad your date night was worth the lack of energy today!

  2. kim:

    I did get a short nap while Bailey slept. No, it wasn’t a migraine, just a really bad headache. This was one of those instances though, where it should have been a migraine but didn’t turn into one. Thank you Lord.

  3. Jude:

    Slim, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. I realize the purpose of this project but try to keep in mind that it’s “just” a project. NOTHING hinges on your getting the most amazing shot every single day. From what I can tell, it has not eternal value. so relax, post a pic of your kids every single day (cause hey, let’s not forget that you are a FULL TIME mommy 24 hours a day) for the next 43 days. : ) Love you girl!

  4. kim:

    Jude, I totally get that. This picture is a prime example of me not putting pressure on myself…I don’t think it’s amazing at all. I have been leaving the camera sitting on the desk until 9 or 10 pm most nights, and end up with boring stuff like this as a result : ) If I put enough effort and thought in, I would love to have great pics of my kids everyday.
    To be honest, I’m in another dry spell where I don’t even feel like posting most days, but I’m sticking with it to the end.
    The biggest value I see in this project now, far more valuable than any improvement in my photography skills, is realizing that I can actually stick with something and not quit. I had no idea how much posting a photo every day would teach me about perseverance in my walk with Christ.

  5. Jude:

    Way to go Kim! when I re-read what I wrote I realized that rather than encouraging you to finish (which was what I had intended) I sounded as though what you were doing simply had no value. Clearly it does have value to you. Please will you forgive me?

  6. Kim:

    Jude, of course. I’m pretty sure I understood what you were getting at, no hard feelings at all. Love you very much.

  7. For the record, I think the pencils are SUPER cool. 🙂

    Having challenged myself to a mere 28 days, I’m even MORE inspired by your 365 project. Life gets in the way and fitting it in with children is hard. It takes commitment and persistence, and I think your pictures (even the ones you pull off at the last minute) are wonderful. I look forward to “checking in” every day and will miss it. 🙂

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