330: Snow

Winter blew in today. If you were to scroll through my facebook newsfeed you'd see one complaint, after another, after another....you get the point. I really don't understand. Do people forget that winter comes every year? Do they forget that winter gets cold, and brings snow? Seriously. It happens EVERY year. Of course no one knows exactly when the first snowfall will come, so every year it is met with people whining and griping. Whatever. I guess while I'm not complaining about the snow, I am complaining about people, and am no more righteous than the next person. I'm keenly aware of that.

The snow does make me thankful. When autumn drags on with brown and dreary days, I'm thankful for the first snow as it reminds me that Jesus is still in charge, still ushering in the changing of seasons. He more faithful than the rising and setting of the sun. More faithful than the changing of seasons.

3 Responses to “330: Snow”

  1. 🙂
    True enough Kim – we do think alike! (lol!)

  2. Sher:

    Nice shot. love the contrast. It may be cold…and slippery out there, but did you see the magnificent sunshine we had this afternoon? I’m happy to live in a place with such distinct seasons.

  3. Kim:

    The sunshine has been wonderful! And I am happy that it’s probably going to all melt…it would be nice if we could wait at least a few more weeks for winter to be here for good!

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