332: Daisy

Rain, another rainy day
Comes up from the ocean
Give herself away
She comes down easy
On rich and debt the same
And she gives herself away

-Daisy, Switchfoot

I had this song in my head as I was snapping away happily with the daisies that my wonderful husband brought home for me today. Gerbera daisies - he remembered! I'll take 3 daisies over a dozen roses any day :) It was so nice to have something new and exciting in the house to turn my attention to when the daily photo loomed over my head late in the day.

5 Responses to “332: Daisy”

  1. Jean:

    so pretty… definitely one for my calendar!

  2. WOW! love it!

  3. Neil Robinson:

    Oh, that is so gorgeous! Love it.

  4. Dana:

    Beautiful – frameworthy. Can’t believe you’re at 332!

  5. Joanne:

    This picture is beautiful! I’m kinda sad that you are almost done…. 🙁

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