335: Light trails

Come on try a little
Nothing is forever
There's got to be something better than
In the middle
But me & Cinderella
We put it all together
We can drive it home
With one headlight

-One Headlight, The Wallflowers

Had this song in my head as we drove home this evening (yes, with one headlight), and of course serenaded my husband. Isn't it funny that I can remember the words to a 14 year old tune, but sometimes can't remember when I last showered? The life of a mom with young kids :)

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  1. Jean:

    enjoy the shot, am befuddled by the lyrics. Wes and I were just talking the other day about poetic lyrics and how they are often set to VERY cool music, but which I have zero idea what they’re talking about (Jude, remember the Choir in the 80’s? : )
    Anyway, love you Mitch!

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