337: Someday

I look forward to a day, someday soon, when I can collapse into bed at 7pm with a headache and not have the nagging thought of, "Oh no....I still need a photo for today..." on repeat in my brain as I try to have a nap. And I look forward to the day that I can be gently woken up by my husband from that nap, and not have my first panicky thought be, "Oh no! It's after midnight and I didn't get a picture today!" It wasn't after midnight, and this was taken after said nap, but seriously. This project has been great, but I'll honestly be glad when it's over.

3 Responses to “337: Someday”

  1. Jean:

    so… how do you keep white rubber soles THAT clean?
    I certainly hope the tyranny of these daily shots won’t be cramping your photography style after all is said and done – I look forward every day to your pictures and write ups.

  2. I felt like you did and I only did it for 28 days, so I can imagine how long a year would feel! But You’re so close to the finish line now, and you’re still inspiring many people with your honesty and creativity. Hang in there!

  3. Congrats on making it to day 337! Only a few more to go. I tried this project once and only lasted about a month, so I admire your determination to stick it out.

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