342: Words

Just a Words with Friends game I've got on the go with Angela, on the old iPad. This is one of the only games I play - the kids use the contraption far more than I do!

2 Responses to “342: Words”

  1. Becky Fehr:

    Oh I miss playing that on facebook. I am terrible at it but it is still fun. I should know what is an ipad, my husband will be very disappointed with me, he has probably told me all about it but I have no idea, is it a phone?

  2. kim:

    I’ll try not to tell him that you didn’t know what it is 🙂 It is like a giant iPod touch, great for reading books (kind of like an Amazon Kindle) but all the features of an iPod, with apps and all that jazz. Nice for just surfing the web too.

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