I made a huge pot of cabbage borscht for supper, and had to find a way to fit it into the fridge. Not only that, but needed the pot free so I can use it to cook chili tomorrow. After one look at our packed fridge, most would faint at the task at hand, Clay included, but I rose to the challenge. Why? I've been training for this moment my whole life. After all, my mom is the queen of cramming stuff into smaller containers. Nothing enters her fridge if the contents could be transferred to something smaller. Three jars and one smaller pot later, and I'm done. Thanks Mom, you trained me well.

Today I managed to cook the soup, bake buns, and cookies. In one day. Don't be fooled, not all days are this productive. For my mom it wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary though. I hope someday I can just take it all in stride like her, and not feel like I deserve a medal for my efforts at the end of the day.

2 Responses to “345: She takes after her mother.”

  1. Mom:

    Looks great, Kim:and you are way to kind.

  2. Dana:

    Lol Kim. You are awesome!
    ps that borscht looks yummy!

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