346: Humble

The humble bean.
I've never been much of a fan of beans. I knew they were a good source of vegetable protein, but to buy them canned or even dried in small bags, they are as expensive (sometimes more expensive!) than meat. And I have a husband who wouldn't think it was very cool to spend more money on a vegetarian dish when he could be gnoshing on a big ole steak.
But then I bought a load of beans in bulk. They were ridiculously cheap, they are so easy to cook, and I made an amazing chili with them for supper tonight. I'm so excited to start cooking with beans more!

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  1. Becky Fehr:

    Seriously like this picture, the color of the beans and the focal point on the little bean in the middle! We have learned to love beans and lentils over here:) A nice change to night after night of meat I say!

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