353: Winter

I think it's safe to say that winter is here to stay. A storm blew in last night, and has already left about 10cm of snow on the ground. The forecast low for tonight is -20C, and with the wind it feels close to -30C. Streets are slippery, so tomorrow the snow tires are going on the vehicle. When it gets to -40C we really start to wonder why we live here...oh yeah, because I could never survive summer in a warmer climate :) It's beautiful and quaint when the snow falls, but by February I'll be singing a different song.

2 Responses to “353: Winter”

  1. *sniff* I miss this.

  2. Jean:

    I am shivering all the way over here in Nairobi…though I’ve been away from winter for 7 years,this blue light conjured up the sensation of icy coldness, well done.
    Though I’ll be the first to admit it sure does look pretty.
    Enjoy making those snow angels!!

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