The chair...and my daughter will be one day too, I suppose :)
I was telling a friend of mine about this chair and she said I should take a picture of it one of these days. So the goal was to show more of the chair in today's shot, but Bailey was by far the most adorable in this one. This chair has been in my husband's family for at least 4 generations - before we had it his parents did, before them his grandparents on his mom's side had it, they got it from Grandpa's uncle, and we don't know where it came from before that. It is so cool to pull this piece of history up to the table when we sit down to eat.

4 Responses to “354: Family Heirloom”

  1. Dana:

    thanks 🙂 the chair looks beautiful. And Bailey is gorgeous as always!
    Great pic!

  2. Angie:

    Cute cute cute!

  3. Sher:

    I love that little mischievous grin of hers!

  4. Sydney:

    She is just too darn adorable!!

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