357: Decorate

I bought these massive 15cm Christmas decorations with the hope of hanging them on either side of my front door. I should have checked the weather forecast before I stepped outside to embark on my mission today. It felt SO cold out there, but I had already started so I refused the check the temperature until I finished, so I wouldn't get scared off. It was -16C, but with the wind it felt like -26C. No wonder my fingers felt like they were going to fall off!
I'm so happy with the end result though, I think they look great!

6 Responses to “357: Decorate”

  1. Angie:

    Yep, the sure do look great!!! I will have to get over there to see them in person one of these days!

  2. Jude:


  3. Sher:

    A Costco purchase by chance? I saw some enormous Christmas balls there a few weeks ago and wondered what on earth someone would use them for. Since then, I’ve seen them displayed twice. Tucked into some garland on a fireplace mantle and now hanging by a front door! Both very lovely and festive!

  4. kim:

    Sher, yes, a Costco purchase. The first time I saw them I wondered the same thing! After I went home it dawned on me how I could use them, and took them home with me the next time I was there.

  5. Dana:


  6. Becky Fehr:

    Very pretty!

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