Day 4 of our Christmas fun - watch Home Alone.

3 Responses to “Excuse for popcorn.”

  1. Ashley:

    Fun!!! Just hearing about/ seeing your Advent Activities makes me feel so Christmassy!

  2. Jean:

    was it just me, or was that movie not particularly clean? we tried watching it last year and were surprised by the amount of language, and the really brutal way the family members treated each other? perhaps I didn’t notice it as a young adult, but as a parent with my kids watching I felt hyper alert.
    Of course my boys only concentrated on when the robbers get the what for when they enter Kevin’s house and laughed themselves silly!
    Still… hope it was a fun family evening : )

  3. kim:

    Jean, it has its moments that make me cringe. I didn’t find the language that bad (I remember ass being said once…can’t remember much else), but the way the family members treat each other is pretty terrible. During those times we just need to help the kids decipher what’s going on – in this case, discuss how they’re treating each other wrongly, and what a right response would be in such a situation.
    And all the boys cared about was the action too : )

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