Light Show

I'm doing an activity each day with the kids for advent as we anticipate Christmas. Today's activity was to decorate the boys' room with their own set of lights.

I'm going to try to post a shot of each activity over the next 24 days :)

Also, I'm undecided as to what to do about my post titles now. Should I start counting over again from one?

4 Responses to “Light Show”

  1. I say just title them and be done with it. Your original 365 are numbered and now you get freedom of speech. 😉

  2. Jude:

    I agree Christy, plus… there’s less pressure on you. You don’t have a number there saying YOU FAILED if you didn’t manage to post a pic one day. You just brush it off and post again the next day and don’t worry about the number. OR you could number them in groups like 24 days til Christmas and then 1 – 24… just thinkin’ out loud with Mac SCREEEEEEEECHING in the background. Gotta go

  3. Jean:

    Are you making up what you do every day leading up to Christmas, or are you working off a pre-made itinerary? Cuz I’d like to see that. We’re in the process of creating our December calendar of events, and wouldn’t mind using a template that we could use straight off or tweak as needed.

  4. kim:

    Jean, I’ve posted my itinerary over on my other blog.

    Christy, Jude, I think I agree. It does feel very freeing to not have a number anymore. Thanks!

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