As my kids get older, I'm learning to be more okay with messy activities, rather than avoiding all things that might require some clean-up. Today the boys painted some wrapping paper. We used newsprint and finger paint, and I made them some potato stamps - we had Christmas trees, stars, a gift, and a question mark...Markus' request, for the Riddler from Batman. When the first bit of paint got on their fingers instead of the stamps they started to protest, and it was all I could do to say, "It's okay, get it all over your hands, it's FUN!" But I did, and as a result, they did :)

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  1. karina:

    oh, i have the same reaction and i have to say the same thing when carter gets upset about making a mess…then I realize how much I rub off on him – Yikes! well, being neat isn’t all bad 🙂

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