I'm back!
I've been sick with a cold, and rather than force myself to take photos everyday, I allowed myself not to. Let me tell you, it felt weird for the first few days. Then it felt good. Then I didn't want to post anymore, but thanks to my big sister Jean, here I am with a random shot of my Christmas tree :)
I don't love all the silver on my Christmas tree. I do love the stars - they are beautiful, a Ten Thousand Villages treasure from India, a gift from my friend and former boss, Janelle. The silver balls are (quite obvious from the glaring line) plastic. While very practical with small children, they don't necessarily scream classy. When we first bought Christmas decorations as newlyweds it was all silver - I wasn't a fan of gold. Then we added some red to add some colour (after Cody informed us our tree "looked sterile"). Now I think I'd be happy to swap the silver for gold. I guess my tastes are maturing as I....age.

4 Responses to “Silver”

  1. Jayna:

    You’re funny – I know silver used to be the “it” color – I went nuts on it too! And yeah plastic is far more practical – don’t worry, no one is looking that close! The star is beautiful!

  2. Angie:

    Gorgeous shot and happy to see you’re back! I’ve been refreshing for days to no avail:)
    We also traded in our glass for plastic this year and Cody would probably call our tree sterile as well, although we have some blue mixed in with the silver:) I laughed at your comment about appreciating gold more with age… I just bought a pair of ‘gold’ earrings to go with my all ‘silver’ collection and I actually quite like them!

  3. Jessica:

    I had a friend who was so obsessed with getting her whole tree silver, she went to a million different stores looking for plaid ribbon with silver…not gold…to trim her tree. She did not find it.

  4. Jean:

    After driving 2hours through the Kenyan bush and tea fields following our pre-Christmas camping trip with friends, I ran into the house, clicked my quick link to this sight and was thrilled to see a new snap – thanks for humoring an aged sister : ) It’s lovely. And don’t feel bad… the evolution of the Christmas tree decorations has yet to be amped up a number of notches once your kids start bringing home all manner of their ornament creations. I used to have a magazine lovely tree, now I have a tree with heart and soul – plastic, paper, ceramic, dough… it’s a sight to behold.
    Love you, sister… glad you’re feeling well again.

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