In this busy home, a clean floor is worth taking notice of. It will not last for long.

3 Responses to “Clean”

  1. Jean:

    it’s been FAR too long since a new picture got on here – at least I have Clay posting on his site : )
    I enjoy YOUR joy in the small things – not that a clean floor is insignificant… it’s really wonderful. I hope you are all doing really good.I miss you. Say… is Markus ready to learn to read yet? I have a great book recommendation on that. Jewel is going through the program and is feeling encouraged and determined every step of the way… unlike the experience we had with Zay. Anyway… let me know when you think you might be curious about it.
    Love to each one.

  2. Jean:

    plus that big clock on the wall is super cool! : )

  3. Becky Fehr:

    How very true and very lovely:)

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