Good Canadians

We went down to the river for the grand opening of the new and improved skating rink by the Bess. The boys were both adamant that they wanted to try skating for the first time, so Clay took them each around once. They didn't do very well, but said it was a lot of fun and want to do it again. I'm relieved they didn't freak out.

3 Responses to “Good Canadians”

  1. Jayna:

    Aw what a good dad. Skating is tough, especially for little guys!

  2. sher:

    We were going to go on Sunday, but the wind was rediculous! Glad your guys had fun!

  3. Becky Fehr:

    What a lovely photo! I can hardly wait to get down there. My oldest boy is the most into skating, he just loves going with me and it is very nice to have such an eager date:)

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