Go Away

Go away, migraines. You're not welcome here.
Out for the count again this afternoon. Clay came to my rescue after Bailey's naptime, only to have to leave a short while later. Here's me, doing my best to get supper on the table, wearing my sunglasses indoors - because I'm that cool. Yeah, if only that were the reason.

3 Responses to “Go Away”

  1. Jean:

    I’m so sorry, Mitch. Are yours hormone triggered? I felt your pain not too long ago myself – while we were on safari, no less. Anyway, my love to you as you get through it.

  2. So sorry Kim. I wish we lived closer to give you some help. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. kim:

    Thanks for your sympathies, ladies. Today was a headache free day, so I’m praying for more of the same tomorrow.
    Jean, I have no idea what triggers them – could very well be hormonal. They are typically far less frequent and severe than they used to be (way back when I was a teenager…haha) but recently have amped up their severity factor again.

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