I Bake

I love to bake. I'm a bit of an ingredient snob. Well, I say a bit...if you knew how picky I can be, you might drop the "a bit of". I just think, why would I load my baking up with processed convenience foods? Why not just buy a store-bought dessert then? I really don't think you can consider something to be baked from scratch if it's loaded with Jell-O, Cool Whip, sitting on a store-bought pie crust. But hey, I'm a snob that way.

2 Responses to “I Bake”

  1. Jean:

    Next year will you PLEASE teach me – by example – how to make your killer pie crust? I know I have your recipe, but in the case of baking I learn from watching. Clay and Wes will be happy to eat the fruits of our labor, right?
    love you sister! a friend of mine just had a baby… 11.2lbs!! mama mia!

  2. kim:

    Jean, yes, we will bake pie when you’re home this year. I can’t imagine our husbands objecting.
    And I pray my baby is not that big – wow!

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