Do your kids love vitamins? Mine sure do.
I'm not sure what it is about the chalky texture that is so appealing to them, but I'll take it.

3 Responses to “Vitamins, anyone?”

  1. Jessica:

    Did you just buy those Omega 3 bursts recently? I can’t find them anymore! I can only find the UFO bursts which are super expensive! Also, have you ever tried D drops? You only need one drop a day! So much easier for the kids.

  2. kim:

    I did just get the Omega 3 bursts, but through my food co-op…I’m not sure where else to get them. Have you checked Superstore? They carry SISU now.
    Clay takes the D drops since he’ll avoid pills wherever possible, but for some reason my kids love these vitamin D’s because they melt on your tongue – to me it’s disgusting, but they love it!

  3. Jessica:

    I tried Dad’s, Superstore, and Herbs ‘n’ Health. I see they still carry them on their website, so these stores must have just opted to carry the UFO ones instead. That’s okay; I just use them when I’m out of our regular omega 3 which I buy in bulk from the States.

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