Absolutely nothing.
I don't remember what Jackie Chan movie has him singing that song, but I always hear him singing it in my head.

Normally I love the drive-thru ATM (sometimes the world actually seems parent friendly), but this one by our house has been out of service probably the last 3 times we've tried using it. Oh, the inconvenience of having to go INSIDE :)

3 Responses to “What is it good for?”

  1. Sheri Kroeker:

    Rush Hour! (one of my fav’s) 🙂

  2. kim:

    Haha, thanks Sheri 🙂

  3. Becky Fehr:

    Yeah as soon as I read your question I started singing it in my head like he does and man I enjoyed the first Rush Hour when it first came out, lol, sorry for you inconvenience and thanks for the memory jog!

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