To Do

Normally our Saturdays are lazy days that we spend as a family doing not much of anything. Today was different because Clay was away all day shooting video for a wedding, so the kids and I needed to entertain ourselves. It was sort of like a weekday in that sense, except that I accomplished as much today as I often do in a whole week of weekdays - the most fun thing on the list today was a tea party with the kids.

There's one more thing left to check off my To Do List, and then I am going to bed!

4 Responses to “To Do”

  1. Jayna:

    I love making checklists!

  2. kim:

    Me too! Well, most of the time. On unproductive days they can end up being depressing rather than motivating, and then I don’t use them for a while again, haha

  3. Jessica:

    What was your secret to accomplishing so much?!?!

  4. Kim:

    Jessica, I have no idea. I was just somehow more organized than usual. That, and the kids co-operated so I wasn’t sidetracked at every turn 🙂

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