Little Red

When she makes her mind up, it is nearly impossible to reason with her. Today Bailey was determined to wear one of her fancy dresses. While I tried to steer her in another direction, I realized that life is for living. Why not wear the fancy dress?! She probably won't have another special occasion to wear it for, so doesn't it make more sense to wear it outside to run around and play with water, than to leave it hanging in the closet until it's too small to put on her sweet, pudgy body?

2 Responses to “Little Red”

  1. Sher:

    Love this.

    I have a great picture of Tori, age 3, in her red velvet dress and rubber boots,blonde curls flying, up to her calves in a mud hole, waving a big stick. That memory is burned in my mind forever.

  2. Angie:

    Too adorable!

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