I always was a little amazed by people who had a regular person they went to for haircuts. I could never find anyone who cut my hair well enough to go back a second time. That is, until I went to see Chris. I don't quite understand it - it seems like hair is hair, and if you know how to cut it, then you should know how to cut it - but no one can cut my hair as well as Chris can. I finally went back to see her today and she cleaned up the mess left on my head by the last person that cut it - a quick panic appointment after Deacon was born and a week before Cody's wedding.

It feels good to like my hair again.

2 Responses to “Barbershop”

  1. Mom:

    Chris is the best, and I am always glad for her gift. She did a great job on your hair.

  2. Sarah MacMillan:

    I was thinking that your hair looked especially good last night. Should have said something! (Thanks again for hosting the community group. We were very glad to be there.)

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