Three Months

Well, three months plus a day. By the time I realized yesterday was Deacon's 3 month birthday (thanks to Clay remembering), it was too late to expect him to be a happy subject in front of the camera. This morning he was all smiles.

I just can't get enough of his twinkly eyes and beautiful smile. Not to mention his deliciously roly little body :) He is one of the happiest babies I have ever met, and I'm so blessed to be his mama!

4 Responses to “Three Months”

  1. Jean:

    It’s not so bad being his auntie either! munchkin cutie-pie!

  2. Joanne:

    Definitely can tell which family he belongs to!

  3. Oh he’s soooo sweet! I’m happy that you tried, and liked, the apple butter! My mom said it tastes like apple pie in a jar!!

  4. kim:

    Michelle, that is exactly what Clay said!

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