I spent a chunk of time doing some work with a friend over the phone and on the computer this evening. Easy work, when I've got a delicious chocolate bar to snack on (dark with almond butter - yum!), and an Americano to sip.

By the way, Americano is my new go-to coffee. I'm finding lattes too...rich? Yeah, I think that's the problem.

3 Responses to “Easy”

  1. Sher:

    Sweet! And still you manage to sleep with all that caffeine?! Or maybe Americano comes in a decaf version. 😉

  2. kim:

    I could make it decaf, but I don’t. No such thing as decaf beans in this house. Somehow the caffeine doesn’t affect my sleep, so I welcome it with open arms 🙂

  3. I wonder if it is the time of life that helps keep the caffeine from affecting some moms at night. Cozy picture. I am all about americanos too!

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