Beautiful Bailey.
She insists on having her hair hang in her face. Today it covers a goose-egg she got as a result of falling out of our shopping cart at the grocery store. My heart sank to my stomach, and my stomach leaped into my throat when I saw her laying on the floor. I called Clay, who took her to the hospital to make sure she was going to be alright.
Praise God she's okay, thank you Jesus for grace. Healing, no concussion, a happy and energetic girl. It's all grace.

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  1. This happened to another girlfriend of mine the other day, too! It’s just such a sick feeling to be helpless when our kids are suffering for any reason. I just remember how I felt when Tenley turned blue, and Peyton knocked herself out last Christmas and wasn’t breathing… still has the power to make me physically nauseous on both counts. 😛
    So glad Bailey is okay! 🙂

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