La Bamba

We went out for supper with new friends from church - I love how God brings people together in his family. We went to La Bamba (thanks, Bensons, for the recommendation) and it was so delicious! We will definitely go back. Here's everyone's Mexican beer bottles...and my kids' pop :) Such is the life of a breastfeeding mom. I'm not a huge beer fan though, so it really wasn't that much of a sacrifice.

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  1. JM:

    Well, next time if you really are wanting to have a beer or a glass of wine, you can! Check out this article:
    If you have one drink, the alcohol will be totally cleared from your body in about 2.5 hrs (on average), so if your breastfeeding schedule is predictable, you can probably time it right. The article has a table that tells you how long to wait before breastfeeding based on how many drinks you have and how much you weigh.

  2. That was a delicious meal!! Love your pictures and your daily glimpses of life.

  3. kim:

    James, thanks for the link!

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