I'm uploading this late, though it was shot on Friday. I'm getting over some kind of bug, which knocked me flat yesterday. My relatively small baby felt like he weighed a ton, and it was all I could do to walk 5 steps without feeling like I was going to collapse. I'll leave any description of unwanted bodily fluids out. My wonderful husband took such good care of me and the kids. Yes I realize that was poor grammar. I totally went there.

I took this photo around 7pm, right after I got a migraine and right before I crashed for the night.

2 Responses to “Sick”

  1. Ashley:

    Actually, your sentence was grammatically correct! It is a common misconception that one must ALWAYS use ” and I.” In fact, it depends on the structure of the sentence. If you are ever confused, just remove the other person from the sentence and see whether you would use “me” or “I” normally.

    For instance, you would say,
    “My wonderful husband took such good care of me”

    (NOT “My wonderful husband took such good care of I.”)

    Therefore, the correct way to state that sentence is “My wonderful husband took such good care of the kids and me.”

    There ya go!

  2. kim:

    Thanks, Ashley! I never knew that, and take great joy in my new knowledge. Really. I love grammar.

    (I think this is all sounding very sarcastic but I’m truly sincere)

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