Sleep Strike

One of us has gone on strike, and I'll give you a hint: it's not me.
If he's not drooling, he's coughing (had him at the doctor yesterday and he was confident it's just a virus that will pass soon). When I do get him to sleep, he wakes soon after, raring to go again. At least he's happy about his decision to be awake! He has also decided to be very particular about where he will nurse - only lying down in bed, and only if my attention is undivided! It's hard to get much done when he won't nap and wants to be held a lot, but I'll take it. All the wet faced kisses and the snuggles...I'll take it. These days will be over before I know it.
(Thanks to Clay for taking this shot for me)

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  1. Jude:

    Hello squishy baby. Auntie would really love to hold you!

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