Charlie Brown

Our advent stocking activity today was to go looking at Christmas lights. We had a great time, and the final stop before we went home was to Brown Crescent. When I was a little girl, I remembered nearly every house on the block being decked out with Charlie Brown decorations, and I was curious to see if they were still around. Sure enough! There weren't as many as I remembered, but they were still there. My favourite part was Markus' surprise when I told him I had seen these same decorations many years ago when I was a kid. I'm not able to do much to truly catch his attention, but this was noteworthy to him.

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  1. Jean:

    Hey – did you find a bunch of good streets to go to? Care to share? We’d like to get in to take a look. Thanks!

  2. kim:

    We just sort of wandered through a few neighborhoods: Erindale, Arbor Creek, Briarwood. There were a few that the kids were thrilled with (anything flashing!), but mostly not anything over-the-top. It was still more enjoyable than the Enchanted Forest, in my opinion. It’s relaxing to just drive and see what we’ll find – then we were pleasantly surprised with whatever there was, rather than having something built up in our minds and then being disappointed if it wasn’t as great as we were imagining. Brown Crescent was a hit, and don’t forget to stop by Kellough Road – that’s the one I was telling you about with the music and flashing lights (the one in Clay’s photo).

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