Hi, my name is Kim, and I'm an emotional baker.
I fell in love with baking in high school. Until today, I never knew why. As I was pouring my soul into these Cinnamon Roll Muffins, I connected the dots. High school sucked. It was full of lows, and baking was one of my therapies - along with driving too fast, and crying on my dog Tia's shoulder.
Well today was a rough day, and the baking cupboard beckoned as it always does. Thank you Jesus, for flour, sugar, cinnamon, and cream cheese icing. Oh yeah, and lattes.

3 Responses to “Confession”

  1. Allison:

    Wow those look amazing! I wish I loved baking. I love the end result of baking fresh from the oven, but the process involving many measuring cups and sticky spatulas isn’t my fav. 😛 Clay is very blessed to have you. 🙂 Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  2. Jean:

    I’m sad just thinking of you being sad – in high school AND yesterday : (
    But I’m glad that you had Tia, that you didn’t die going too fast, and that you are now a gifted baker. He takes it all and makes something unexpected and good.
    Love you, Mitch!

  3. Jude:

    mmmmmmmm, I’m going to try these tomorrow. I have a similar recipe but something about it is not quite right.
    I’ll take baking over cooking every single time. To make and to eat.
    I love you sister and really enjoyed the pic of your family and the Charlie Brown Christmas card. My kids L-O-V-E the Charlie Brown Christmas special… particularily Snoopy and his antics : )

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