Daddy Date

This little girl is so blessed to call this man 'Daddy'.
This morning it was time for a Christmas Daddy Date. I helped Bailey get dressed for the special event. (That does not mean I helped pick out the clothes - she had that covered and she let me know it!) She was blessed with a gift from her brothers - the Hello Kitty clip in her hair - and off they went on their special date. The idea behind this being that dads ought to be the first ones to date their girls, to teach them how they should be treated - with love, honour, and respect. That way, when guys come knocking on the door in 12 years, she will know how a real man treats a lady, and send the boys home crying because Bailey won't date them ;)
While this was all going on, I was out with my boys. I thought I was taking them to Starbucks for a treat, but I was in for a surprise because they were treating ME! When it was time to pay, Wyatt pulled money out of his pocket and they informed me that they were paying! Not only is Clay teaching Bailey how she should be honoured, he's also teaching our boys how to honour a lady. I am so blessed to be married to this man!

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    Love it!!!

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