There is something so calming about candlelight.
I received this Christmas tree ornament a few years ago, back when I was a career woman. (insert chuckle here) It was such a generous gift from my boss, and I treasure it, and her friendship, every year when I light the candles.

Last year I bought some of those battery operated LED candles for it because I worried about little fingers, but those things seriously are awful. Sure you can't burn yourself, but they don't have a calming effect. Rather, they have an enraging effect when your feet find them all over the house because little hands want to play with them.

I'll stick with beeswax. The smell is out of this world!

4 Responses to “Firelight”

  1. Jean:

    please share… where do you buy beeswax tealights? and yes, this sure is a beautiful gift.

  2. kim:

    Jean, so far the best price I’ve found for beeswax tealights is at The Better Good on Broadway. If you buy them with the metal holder (of course necessary the first time around) they are $8/10 candles. After that, you can buy the refills at $6/10.

  3. I had the same foot pain from those led candles so also refuse to have them around. I have had the candles on each night, tis the time of year for them. This is a very warm photo and would be a great xmas card!

  4. kim:

    Thanks, Becky – I would never have thought of this as a Christmas card, but I’ll keep it in the back of my mind for next year. I really like the idea!

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