New Years Eve

There's no party I'd rather be at than the one in my living room. Clay and I are eating popcorn, drinking artisanal peach soda, and watching The Debt. Thanks for the recommendation, Jessica B...or maybe I should wait until it's over to decide whether I should thank you? :)

4 Responses to “New Years Eve”

  1. We did a very similar night with bubbly, sushi and a movie in the basement movie room. I love how clear and almost chilly the glasses look in this photo!

  2. Jessica:

    Congrats on a New Years Eve at home! What did you think of the movie?

  3. kim:

    I really enjoyed it – I do like a good spy movie. The trailer made me think it was going to be quite creepy, but it wasn’t really. Very good – so thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Jessica:

    Oh good, glad you liked it. I was a little worried from the trailer too — that it would be a twisted type of movie — but it wasn’t. Just the right amount of suspense!

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