Growing Up

Markus and his cousin Julia, having a great time on a sleigh ride downtown today. Markus made sure to keep an eye out for horse poop...five year old boy for you :)

I don't recall these two asking for permission to get so big. I also don't remember saying, "Okay sure, you guys just go ahead and grow up while I blink." Seriously, how do kids grow up so fast? These two are seven and almost six already!

3 Responses to “Growing Up”

  1. Jean:

    slow down the runaway train, sister – Jewel just turned 6 and Markus is just about 6 – I know, it’s your sleep deprived brain. And yet, I do demand with you that time would slow up a bit. Great picture, by the way, and a wonderful time with the “little” cousins : )

  2. Jean:

    Jewel seems 7 because she’s so tall… and so excitable on the phone… like mother like daughter : )

  3. kim:

    Whew! Okay, that is a relief. I really must be sleep deprived…why in the world would I think she was seven? I know better than that.

    On my way to make some chamomile tea and get to bed!

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