A traditional Mennonite delight, New Year's Cookies are a memory seared in my mind from many years ago. I remember my Grandma Fehr making them, and being amazed that I was actually being encouraged to dip my cookie in sugar before every bite. They were delicious. They still are.

My sister Jean, with the assistance of some helpful hands, made a huge batch of these cookies today, and we all eagerly dug in. Thanks for the delicious treats Jean, and for making memories to live in the kids' minds :)

4 Responses to “New Year’s Cookies”

  1. Jean:

    My pleasure! Thanks for taking such a lovely picture of them… and for NOT being around when Steve had me wearing a dyuk : )

  2. Mom:

    yes jean that was truly a treat to have you bring that tradition back to life the dyuk would have made it all the more complete /thanks again //dad

  3. Jude:

    Mercy! Missed another great gathering of the Fehr’s. Sorry we couldn’t be there.

  4. Jessica:

    Love the plate.

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