The Big Move

The time has come - these two are now roommates! Bailey was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement over having her little brother sleep in her room now. Little...he's nearly as big as she is!

I have absolutely loved having Deacon in our room, but I have to admit that lately it's not been working very well. He wakes more often now than he did when he was a newborn, so no one is getting a great night's sleep anymore. Hopefully he will transition without much fuss and we will be a well rested family again soon.

3 Responses to “The Big Move”

  1. Jean:

    You can do it, Deacon! Remember I love you!

  2. Jessica:

    How did it go?

  3. kim:

    It’s a work in progress.
    Which means Deacon usually starts the night in his bed, and ends up in ours before morning.

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