It Tickles!

Today was haircut day in our house! This only happens about twice a year. You think I'm joking.
I'm not.
Markus is so cute when the shaver comes out. He is so ticklish! He giggles and giggles, and it is quite a job for me to keep reminding him to put his shoulders down. I love those little chicklet teeth! It won't be long before he starts losing them.

3 Responses to “It Tickles!”

  1. Jean:

    What happened to Grandpa’s Hair Studio? looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow

  2. kim:

    The boys abandoned Grandpa’s Hair Studio in favour of Chris’ house – she has a “billiaad’s table” (billiards) and they were eager to go roll the balls around.

  3. Jessica:

    Great shot!

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