Chapter 28.

A daily photo. What seemed so impossible two years ago has become doable. Manageable. A snapshot and a soundbite. There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from looking back on two years of daily photos. A flood of memories. Satisfaction. A bird’s eye view of the blessings, forgetting the struggles under the surface. And yet…

Yet there are times when I have more to say. More to say about the blessings, and things to say about the struggles under the surface. They don’t make it to the daily snap. And instead of doing the 365 project well, and another personal blog with mediocrity, I’m going to merge the two. With photos I can paint you an idyllic picture of what my life looks like, but I don’t want to give the impression of ease. Life is not easy, and I have not found balance. I heard a wise women say, “There is no balance. You have to learn to live within the tension.” Welcome to the tension. There is beauty within, yet struggles abound.

And so begins Chapter 28.
Everyday life.
Messy stuff included.

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