“What’s up with Mommy?”

Too many late nights.
Too many cups of coffee.
Too many interrupted nights.
Too many simple carbs.
Too many baby-in-the-bed nights.
Too many birthday sweets.

This has got to stop.

2 Responses to “Exhausted”

  1. That photo is so incredible! I remembering being there, crashed on the floor where my kids where playing… them pocking at me wondering what was up. Wow, great capture! I know it isn’t easy but can I be honest and say I grinned when I first saw it because of how much I could identify with everything about it!

  2. Angie:

    I admit I am laughing right now. This is my life and I only have 2 kids. And here I am exhausted, yet stuck on my computer while the clock ticks on! With that reminder of what the next 7 hours and then tomorrow will bring, I’m going to bed before I catch up on your photos!!

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