Part of my plan for my new and improved blog is to regularly share links with you of things around the internet that have been catching my eye. Whether they be inspiring, encouraging, interesting, or infuriating, it will be stuff that strikes a chord with me in one way or another.

Infant Routines at Our Home | Passionate Homemaking: What’s right and what’s wrong: the scheduled/routine baby, or the attachment parenting baby? (And let me say for the record, I hate the term ‘attachment parenting’. Okay, I said it.) I found this article immensely helpful. I so appreciate Lindsay’s ability to look at this issue in light of the Bible, and to write in a way that respects both sides of the issue. After four babies, I fall somewhere in the middle.

Why Frumpy Makes You Grumpy | To Love, Honor and Vacuum: Hey all you moms out there. This is a great read about how the amount of care and time you put into your appearance affects your attitude as a wife. I know I am totally guilty of frumpy days. And it’s true that being frumpy really does make me grumpy. I haven’t eliminated the frump days, but I am working on it.

Christian Parenting | Ligonier: Elyse Fitzpatrick, author of Give Them Grace, is amazingly gifted at explaining how the gospel relates to the role of a parent. As she puts it, “Christian parenting isn’t a new method. It’s sharing the gospel you already know.” I don’t think I’m alone in reading parenting books out of desperation, wanting a quick fix for my kids. Yet the problem isn’t just in them, it’s deeply rooted in me as well. The gospel is the only thing that can give us hope not only for our kids, but for ourselves as well.

When to Stay the Course | Simple Homeschool: As I try to find my groove as a homeschooling mom, I need a steady diet of these kind of encouraging words from other moms who are travelling this road ahead of me. The ‘barebones school days’ she talks about in this post are what I default to a lot of the time in this stage. I appreciate hearing someone farther down the road turning around to say, “What you’re doing is just fine!”

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