Necessary Evil

Clay and I went shopping this afternoon. It is a rare occasion that we have the chance to go shopping without the kids, so we seized the opportunity. While the little ones hung out with their great-grandparents, we headed for The Gap.

I don’t know where you fall in the clothing spectrum, but I grew up shopping at thrift stores, Zellers, and SAAN. I learned how to make a dollar stretch. The Gap was about as expensive as I could imagine clothes getting. $70 for jeans? Are you kidding? Now I willingly shell that money out. Hey, if the jeans fit… Not to mention the fact that every piece of clothing I buy from there is made 3x better than something I would spend 1/3 the price on. Better quality clothes = less time shopping. Win.

I am not a shopper. I have dabbled in retail therapy enough in the past to know that it has no lasting joy. I shop out of necessity, not for fun. Which is not to say it is never fun…but it often isn’t. Many a trip to the mall has resulted in my freaking out because everything’s either ugly, immodest, ugly, or immodest. Give me classic styles, flattering cuts, and I will wear my clothes into the ground. I just do not have the time to keep up with fads and trends. Plus, it is not fun to go clothes shopping with four kids. On top of that, we’re not exactly rolling in money. So for a number of reasons, I try to shop smart, and infrequently.

When I do end up at the mall, my favourite shopping partner is my husband. He’s the one I want to impress, he’s the one that I want to most appreciate my appearance, so it’s his opinion I want when I am trying on clothes. “I really like the way that shirt looks,” or, “That colour really makes your eyes look pretty.” SOLD! You’re hot and if you think I’m hot in this shirt I am SO buying it. He’s also the reason this stack of clothes is so big. I would not buy this much for myself…he made me do it.

Now, unless I blow the knee in a pair of jeans, I’m set for another year or so. Well that’s not entirely true. I still need a bathing suit. That is one trip I am absolutely not looking forward to.

2 Responses to “Necessary Evil”

  1. Angie:

    Do I see some colored denim in that pile, my dear?!

  2. kim:

    No, Ang, that would be a pink shirt 🙂 I’m not as brave or bold as you with the coloured jeans. You were rocking them though, which made me think I should perhaps give it a try.

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