“Why now? Why this? Why ME?”

These are the kind of questions racing through my mind. The clock is mocking me, 1:11 a.m., and my poor little boy has unfortunately just shown that he really was telling the truth about having an upset tummy. The proof is at my feet, and the smell is overwhelming.

I’m left with two options.
I can grumble and complain.
Or I can pray my way through it, that I will surrender to Christ and that Jesus will give me grace for this moment.

The fact is that beds need to be stripped, floors need to be cleaned, and a little boy needs to be reassured that everything is okay. Do I want to go about that bitterly, feeling like someone owes me a good night’s sleep? Or do I want to approach even this with a servant attitude, for Jesus’ sake?

The cross doesn’t just impact big things like the saving of many souls in a faraway land. It also impacts the little things like my own heart, in the middle of the night, with the stench of sickness tickling my nostrils.

What do you need to surrender?

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