Cuddle Time

Mom and Dad came to babysit this evening, which was met with uncontainable excitement from Markus, Wyatt, and Bailey. Deacon must have been excited too, since he was burning the midnight oil just so he could spend some extra time with them. He fussed and fussed with Grandma, so Grandpa took a turn and finally convinced him to sleep. He may have actually been wanting his Mama, but either way Grandpa got some good cuddle time in.

3 Responses to “Cuddle Time”

  1. Wonderful photo 🙂

  2. Jean:

    Are you TRYING to make me want more children?!!! Enough with the deadly cute shots of Deacon – I surrender – I can’t take no mo’!

  3. kim:

    Jean, I’m reminding of a song from the end of Horton Hears A Who. You know it right?
    “Baby I can’t fight this feeling anymore!!”
    haha, love you!

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