Green Smoothie

I keep hearing the idea of green smoothies buzzing around the internet. The idea being that you would blend green vegetables into a smoothie to make it more nutritious. I like the idea of boosting nutrition, but I’m not nuts about the idea of my fruity smoothie tasting like a salad.

This blog post from Passionate Homemaking popped up in my feed reader today, so I decided to finally give green smoothies a chance. My thrown together recipe included strawberries, Saskatoon berries, banana, grape juice, yogurt, honey, and field greens.

Wyatt loved it! The guy who typically turns his nose up at anything remotely leafy had three helpings!

I was not so convinced.

It really did have a bitter bite from the greens, but I suppose if the kids like it I will endure. They do the same for me, often. I’m thinking it would taste better as a popsicle in the summer, so I’ll throw that idea in my back pocket for later.

Do you make green smoothies? Any suggestions for a good recipe?

3 Responses to “Green Smoothie”

  1. Sher:

    My favorite greens to add are spinach and kale. Spinach is very mild and doesn’t give it that grassy taste. 🙂

  2. kim:

    Thanks, Sher. Greens are what I had on hand, but I will definitely give spinach a try next time!

  3. Angie:

    I agree. You can’t even taste the spinach and kale is great, but can’t add as much or you taste it. The latest one we tried that I totally recommend was some plain yogurt, OJ, half an apple, a banana and as much spinach as I can cram into my magic bullet! And maybe some ice cubes if you like it a little thicker! The kids can’t get enough!

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