Ask me to sum up my day in one word? Keys. Ahhh!!!!

The kids and I were so looking forward to visiting some friends this morning. We were all ready to go, I just needed to grab a few things for my purse and find my…keys. They were nowhere to be found. I asked the kids. They didn’t know.

We looked. And looked.

The kids told me that if we didn’t find my keys we would run out of food and not be able to drive to the store to get more, and then we would DIE!!! They’re a little dramatic sometimes.

I informed them that if we couldn’t find the keys, we would not die because Daddy has an extra set, and we would have to get copies made. Bailey was happy with that solution, because she wanted me to get a set of pink keys. She was no help looking after this prospect came up on her radar.

We prayed. Five minutes later, Markus told me he thought Jesus’ answer was ‘no’. This is proof he’s listening when we talk about how Jesus always answers prayer. Whether it be yes, no, or later, he always answers.

After 45 minutes of tearing the house apart and retracing my steps outside since I had the keys yesterday afternoon, I finally gave up. We were going to stop at Tim Hortons for breakfast on the way out of the city, so instead of driving there we walked. It was Bailey’s idea, and a fine one. It was the perfect distraction to keep me from getting too discouraged.

After Clay checked with the neighbours to see if any of them had found them, we were upstairs with the kids. My bedside table looked a little disheveled so I picked up a book to put it back in its place. And shrieked.

I think Clay thought I had seen a spider.

“My keys!!”

I was really hoping they would turn up somewhere that would not make me look like an airhead. Or a sleep deprived mother. But no, that’s exactly what I look like.

2 Responses to “Keys”

  1. Jean:

    I’m with Steve – it was probably Deacon : ) He’s so cute no one would ever suspect him of such mischief. You’re no airhead.

  2. Jessica:

    Your kids are hilarious!

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