Oh! Pretty!

Hand-me-down clothes are such a blessing! When the boys were small we were never able to accept peoples’ generous offers of clothes because of our scent allergies. Thankfully I have slowly been adding smell-busting tricks to my arsenal of cleaning know-how, and now smelly clothes rarely stand a chance against me. This means I can go thrifting again (yay!) and can make use of clothes that get passed on to the kids.

I was folding some new-to-us clothes for Bailey when she found me in the basement.

“Oh! Oh, pretty! Pretty, pretty, pretty! Pretty dress. Oh, I love pretty things! These are so pretty. Oh! Beautiful!”

Oh Bailey! You are so rich! In my wildest dreams I could not imagine a girl so delightful.

3 Responses to “Oh! Pretty!”

  1. Jessica:

    Too cute!

    What is your trick?

  2. Sher:

    J told me that Bailey had taken her upstairs so they could look at her dresses in her room when we were there on Sunday. Such a sweet girl, your Bailey!

  3. kim:

    @ Jessica – If you leave smelly clothes outside, the fresh air and sunshine do a great job of killing a lot of the smell. Then I throw a big dose of borax in with the laundry and do a few extra rinses.

    @ Sher – Not only is it funny that Bailey would take J upstairs to show her the dresses, but it’s also funny that it stood out enough in J’s mind that you got a play-by-play about it after the fact 🙂 So funny!

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